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slimeboy-321 everyone go inside my house left of the 1st gym when u go in my house read the signs and check the community chest there...
Deko   registered to TheIslandProductions
itsQBJHello long missed friends <3 if the server is closed for good lemme know where the gangs at i miss you guys alot much love missed ItsQBJ
xSamPlayzHi can I receive my donor ranks back
PunchMeIDareYa   the server closed
slimeboy-321   registered to TheIslandProductions
GenocidesKeeper   registered to TheIslandProductions
PunchMeIDareYawheres everyone been lately? server seems so quiet now
Ios_Saiken   created a new thread Stuff Missing in the Request Admin Help forum
Diamondpro7   registered to TheIslandProductions
PunchMeIDareYa   stalker
PunchMeIDareYabeen down for like 5 hours. please hurry up...
PunchMeIDareYahow long is the server going to be down...
PunchMeIDareYa   on here
CandyNekoCraft   Yeah I accepted u now:) I don't check here that much but I try to get better:p
PunchMeIDareYa   i'll add your skype then :p
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